12 reasons to breed Speckle Park cattle


  • Size

    Medium size breed

  • Maturity

    Early maturing cattle

  • Fertile

    Highly fertile breed with ample milk supply

  • Weight Gains & Marbling

    Outstanding weight gains & marbling from both grass & grain

  • Docility

    Easy to handle

  • Tender Meat

    Fine tender eating meat

  • Yields & Dressing Percentages

    Consistent above industry average yields

  • Adaptability

    Remarkable adaptability to all climates and condiditons

  • Birth weight

    Moderate birth weights

  • Performance

    Outstanding feedlot performance

  • Cross Breeding

    Crosses well with Bos Indicus & Bos Taurus cattle

  • Colour Pattern

    Easily identified as Speckle Park cattle to potential buyers

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Waratah Speckle Park Stud is a family run business in rural New South Wales.  Eric and Laiton Turnham have grown the enterprise from a small start-up with the importation of 30 Speckle Park embryos in 2008, to one of the largest Speckle Park studs in Australia, in just nine years.


As established breeders of Speckle Park cattle, Laiton and Eric have first-hand experience in Speckle Park genetics.  Waratah are breeders of Speckle Park bulls, females, embryos, semen and Brahckles.


Waratah Speckle Park is where beef breeders can find first-hand, practical advice on Speckle park cattle.  We are a family run business that believes our greatest strengths are family, experience and credibility.  Our goal is to help you get better results from your herd.

Don’t take our word for it


“We have been using Speckle Park bulls for 4 seasons now over a Charolais cross Drough Master base herd of 300 cows.  All of our bulls are from Waratah.  Running a small feedlot we produce calves for the supermarket trade.  Speckle Parks have increased our carcass yield and feed conversion in our 3 way cross herd.”

Scott Beaumont2014 Farmer of the Year Runner-up, Dorrigo NSW, 2015

“We are really pleased with the progeny of our Speckle Park bull, Eden.  A white Eden calf topped the Casino sale when we sold it and we’ve sold the others as private kills or direct to butchers.”

Dwight & Noela WyattSpeckle Park Breeders, Goolmangar NSW, 2015

“I purchased two heifers from Waratah’s sale last year.  Waratah J149 was shown at several local shows where she won numerous ribbons including a couple of champion ribbons.  She was led by my younger sister, so she is definitely a quite animal.”

Charlie SutherlandDeeargee Speckle Park, Uralla NSW, 2015

“Our experience with the Waratah bulls has shown them to be very tractable with a quiet attitude that they seem to pass onto their progeny.”

Dennis Peters & Liz McDonnellParadise Pastoral Co

“We are very pleased with the Speckle Park bull we bought from Waratah, our first group of calves are outstanding.  Our SP cross steers reach up to 406 kg at 8 months of age with supplementary grain assistance.  We took some to the local Warwick show. A heifer calf out of a Gelbvieh cow by Waratah Front Runner won Grand Champion Prime Vealer.   Joel Rickert received Grand Champion Lead steer at the Warwick show with one of our SP cross steers.”

Ian & Ann CoySpeckle Park Breeders, Warwick, 2015

“We were so pleased with the bulls we purchased from Waratah Speckle Park a few years ago – they got 64 calves in the first three weeks as yearlings.  The cattle have incredible performance and are so quiet, even our agent was very impressed with their docility.”

Doug & Raelene RoddaSpeckle Park Breeders

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